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January 09, 2009


YAY for:

1. The f-bomb!
2. Sally!
3. My friend Alana at The Roux!!

My blogging goals for 2009 are simple. Be as real as possible, fine-tune my blog constantly, and work on taking better photos.

Tina would be doing herself a favor to read your blog(s).

Thanks for the tips. I always pop in to your blog to get a dose of your "Get out and blog" lecture and it helps.I'm off to a slow start but I'm trying to figure out the direction that I want to take. I reached Seth Godin's blog through you and I find his words very inspiring as well. My goal for 2009 is to post more often without losing the quality of the content. I guess that's why I postpone posting since I'm waiting to get all the right words in and I realize that at a certain point you have to say, this is it...its fine.

"Bullied into Blogging' - I totally know why you do that, Colleen! Too many businesswomen out there have NO IDEA how vaulable this is.

I outdid you, though...I got tired of trying to convince people to do this, so I created blogs FOR women with shops and then said "Guess what? You have a blog! Here's what to do with it...."(Check out http://fadedelegancestyle.blogspot.com and http://poppyseedsshop.blogspot.com ).

I'm a blog philanthropist!!!!

I really want to go to Blogher myself. I have been doing my family blog (http://thelealfamily.blogspot.com/ ) for a while now and am going to expand upon it. I just started a 'all things food' blog (http://savorthethyme.blogspot.com/) and am trying to promote that. So, here is my dilemma, hit my hubby up for going to Blogher OR get a laptop??? Which is the best investment as a blog newbie?

Did you know that Tina Fey has a Twitter account you can follow (stalk) her on?


Love her too. I haven't gotten the nerve to send her a message but eventually I'll think of something clever enough to get her attention! ;-)

My goal is to write consistently and to understand wordpress, etc better so that it's not such a chore.

I have my friends and family blog on blogger.. but kicking off a more for the public blog for consumption has been slow going to say the least. www.manprowler.com (Not what it sounds like!)

Thanks for the continued inspiration.

Oh good grief. Having managed to avoid being drawn into all the resolution posts I hadn't even considered blog goals! I have enough trouble avoiding the Christmas cake that keeps calling me from the kitschen, and that was before the birthday cake joined the shouting. BLog goals? Stop baking cakes to take pretty pictures for my blog. Stop the biscuits too. More crafting less eating and baking - must go -cakes calling! t.xxx (thanks for great blog -I love it!)

@Jennifer: If you have to share a computer with the rest of your family and don't already have your very own laptop, I would pick the laptop over the trip to Blogher. Sure, I bet Blogher would be a great place to get inspiration and learn how to improve your blogs. But I think that having my own laptop would motivate me to start learning more on my own. And maybe I'll see you at Blogher 2010!

Couldn't I just pay you the $198 and you could tell me all about it? Since I moved to Iowa (and it is FREEZING here) I have NO motivation to get off the couch, much less blog. Of course I would miss out on getting wasted with you. Is is really worth it? Have you gone before?

I love your style and you are an inspiration. I would like to start blogging too. I found you because somehow you stumbled across my Refined Vintage studio at Artfire. I clicked on my stats and there you were.Everything does happen the way it is meant to be. I only have my Artfire blog for now, talking about what it is like to start my shop,and what I have been learning. BUt I reall do want to write about decorating & style and of course Vintage! Thanks for the inspiration.

I know what you mean about people blkniang out the minute you say SAHM. People ask if I'm bored at home, and I say I'm no more bored at home than you are at work. That kind of stops them in their tracks.Anyway, I'm glad to have met you in the bloggy world.

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